Are we on the same page?

please review these important termS.


NOTICE OF COPYRIGHT: Images are protected by copyright law and all rights are reserved. Photographer may use images for advertising, display, website, photo contests, social media, publication (including photographic books or calendars) or other purposes, including stock photography sale.

CLIENT USE OF IMAGES: Purchased images may be used by client for personal use and for the purposes of the reproduction and giving of images to friends and relatives, as well as sharing on social media. Client must obtain additional written permission from and compensate photographer prior to the client publishing or selling the photographs for profit. This includes but is not limited to entry into contests, sales to stock photography agencies, and publishing for advertising or profit in any form.

DOG MODEL RELEASE: Client grants to photographer the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use and publish images of the client’s dog/s, as well as images of the client when included with dog/s, for editorial, trade, advertising, and any other purpose and in any manner and medium; to alter the same without restriction; and to copyright the same. Client warrants that he/she has authority to agree to the use of the animal’s likeness.

TIME LIMIT ACCESS TO DIGITAL FILES: once the photographic package, including digital negatives and printed materials, has been delivered and accepted by client, photographer has no further obligation and makes no further warranties about availability of digital files. Client is responsible for downloading and storing digital media within 30 days of it being provided.


To ensure the safety of both dogs and people, client warrants that:

  • the dog does not have epilepsy or any form of seizure disorder

  • the dog is current on rabies vaccination and current on flea/tick preventative treatment

  • the dog has not been exposed to rabies or distemper and has not been ill with any communicable condition within a 30 day period

  • the dog does not have a history of biting or showing any aggressive or threatening behavior toward any person or child

  • the dog is not in heat (or please discuss this with photographer)

  • the dog does not have a history of marking indoors (if studio shoot)

  • the dog has been properly exercised and watered and will arrive at the shoot with a collar and leash

Client is solely responsible for any harm caused by the dog, to any person, pets, or property while the dog is at the shoot - including photographic property beyond normal wear and tear.

Photographer reserves the right to stop a session in progress if she feels that she (or her equipment) are in danger of injury.


DEPOSITS AND REFUNDS: Deposit of 100% of package price is required prior to shoot. All fees and deposits are non-refundable; however every effort will be made to ensure client satisfaction.

CANCEL/NO SHOW POLICY: Cancellations or no-shows will result in a loss of the deposit unless otherwise agreed to in advance by the photographer.

PRICING: Charges that have been quoted are based on price lists which may be adjusted periodically; future orders shall be charged at the prices in effect at the time the order is placed.


ACCIDENT LIABILITY: Client releases photographer from any liability for any claims that might result from accidents or incidents that occur during the photo session, including any claim that may be a result of negligence.

LIMIT OF LIABILITY: Although every care will be taken to avoid data loss or damage, photographer limits any liability for loss, damage, or failure to deliver images or printed products for any reason to return of all money paid by client. If photographer can’t perform due to act of God, weather, illness, or other emergency - liability  will be limited to a 100% refund of all fees.


OK, enough of all that. Now let's treat ourselves to a photo shoot, shall we?