On location or in studio? Let your dog decide.


Location shots highlight your dog in his or her natural environment, and we live in one of the most awesome places in the world for location photography. Whether it's beach, field, trail, or city street, we'll select a location in San Francisco or southern Marin that fits your dog's personality. 


Many people favor the crisp, clean look of studio photography. With studio shots, all potential distractions are removed, leaving an image that is 100% your dog - with lots of close-up detail and every nuance of expression in your dog’s eyes.


A note about my style

I see dogs as our noble observers, ever ready to step in and teach us about friendship, about loyalty, and about devotion. I love how dogs keep us grounded, forcing our eyes away from our screens, and changing our focus to the only reality that ultimately matters: the fog, the breeze, the sand, the sun, the grass, the squirrels, the kibble.

Dogs keep our emotions, and our hearts, closer to the surface.

My dog portraiture work celebrates the role that dogs play in our lives, and that we play in theirs. While it's always fun to capture cuteness and whimsy, I honor dignity and virtue in the palette as well. 

Ready to make a beautiful portrait of your dog?