Scrumptious canvases and yummy prints are here.

Although each of the packages I offer include a generous amount of wall art and print products, there may be times when you'll want additional copies to be represented on your walls (perhaps home AND office) - or a different sort of product not included in your package (iPhone cover, anyone?). Whether you're interested in mega-sized metallic prints, large fine art prints to pass on to future generations, or gifts to send to loved ones who consider your dog extended family, you'll be able to find all sorts of options in the a la carte pricing catalog.

Please note: all of the pricing in this catalog is EXCLUSIVE of your shoot fee/package combination.

You will be able to order any of these products in the gallery that I will provide to you post-shoot; you may also just email me and I can order them for you, whatever is easier for you.

If you're interested in a custom print size, or in a product that you don't see in the catalog, please just let me know. I can often order it directly from one of my print labs.