Me and my first dog, Toffee. (I told her EVERYTHING.) Photo circa 1967, Surrey England. Photo credit my mom, probably.

Me and my first dog, Toffee. (I told her EVERYTHING.) Photo circa 1967, Surrey England. Photo credit my mom, probably.

Photographing dogs is my hobby and my obsession. Growing up, it was my brother who had the darkroom; when I wasn’t playing with the family golden retriever, I was practicing my violin and pretending I owned an office supply store.

But when I got my first interchangeable lens camera in 2006 I was hooked. When I retired from my career in enterprise and startup software marketing in 2014, I bought a professional-grade camera and some higher-end lenses, signed up for the first of several photography and Photoshop classes, and turned my focus exclusively to my passion: dogs

I live in Mill Valley with my husband and our 14-year-old rescue terrier (and most patient model), Lulu. In the summer of 2016 I solo-hiked the whole John Muir Trail: 270 miles of high-elevation backpacking over 28 days, including a summit of Mount Whitney. Dogs are mostly not allowed in the backcountry wilderness, but I did manage to find a few out backpacking with their people in areas where permits allow. (In fact, a black Lab miraculously appeared once when I was chowing down a spam sandwich at least a hundred miles from nowhere. I believe Labs can smell food from longer distances than bears.)

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I proudly volunteer my photography services at The Milo Foundation in Point Richmond. Over the past 20+ years, Milo has rescued and found homes for more than 28,000 animals that faced euthanasia in California's high-kill shelters. I have photographed over 1,000 dogs and puppies (and many cats/kittens) there, editing over 4,000 images culled out of about 32,000 raw shots. (Phew!) I'm thrilled to have a small part in helping these wonderful animals find forever homes. Please consider rescue the next time you add to your canine family.

Products and Services

Contact me if you're interested in a private session with your canine. I'm in the process of updating my services and products for 2018; as a general rule, though, you should plan to budget around $1,000 - $2,500 which includes a private photo shoot (it's a fun bonding experience with your dog!) and gorgeous art for your walls. I do occasionally offer studio "mini sessions" in Marin - get added to my mailing list below to be notified about those as well as the new session pricing when it's available. Thanks for your interest!